Patrick and his guest Dan Murray talk about childhood bus stories, the podcast’s logo creator Aiza, and cannabis strain preferences.  ////  www.patric...View Details

Patrick starts Season 4 of the podcast by talking about his inexperience with death, Chadwick Boseman’s final film “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” and old...View Details

Patrick recaps the 2020 season, shares a lost episode from 2019, and lays out his plans for the year to come.  ////  patrick...View Details

Patrick talks about watching some of the Frank Zappa documentary, seeing fucked up silhouettes, and missing out on normal Halloween as a kid.  ////  w...View Details

Patrick talks about seeing the musical Red Roses, Green Gold where he met Jeff Chimenti (keyboardist for Dead & Company), playing Minecraft and Sk...View Details

Patrick talks about doing a whole street that was cordoned off by police, the first gravity bong he’s ever tried, and the annual Grateful Dead Meet-Up...View Details

Patrick talks about dusting off the old saxophone, making plans with future guests, and being excited to graduate college.   ////  www.patricksgreente...View Details

Patrick talks about documentary ethics, Portland’s supposed “Summer of Love,” and the Highwomen.  ////  [email protected]View Details

Ingestion time: 6:26 PM1/2 bag of truffles, as recommended by flyer inside container. 22g total in bag "High Hawaiians" psilocybe tampelandia 6:55Feel...View Details

Patrick talks about talking to Joey Spillz, living in Colorado for a month, and wanting to meet various musicians.  ////  p...View Details

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